WE BELIEVE That each and every one of us can make an enormous impact on the world by making small changes in the items we use, the purchases we make and the way we approach each day. As a company, we also try to make an impact by pursuing a triple bottom line. We believe people and our planet are just as important as profits. So, we support organizations that also support these values.



    UNITE FOR HER is a breast cancer non profit organization whose mission is to bridge the gap between the medical and wellness communities by providing accessible resources through complementary therapies that supplement medical treatment, caring for the physical, emotional and financial needs of the breast cancer patients they serve. They enhance the lives of patients and empower people of all ages to make healthy lifestyle choices through wellness education and breast cancer awareness.


    10 cents for every Brightening DayCream and Brightening Night Cream sold supports Unite for HER’s efforts.



    TURNING GREEN is a student led movement devoted to education and advocacy around environmentally sustainable and socially responsible choices for individuals, schools, and communities. TG seeks to engage youth in the transition from conventional to conscious, empowering the next generation and mobilizing action to sustain our earth.